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Did you know...
When a flood strikes your community, it's everyones problem. Damage to private and public property can be swift and severe. It can take months to rebuild and millions of dollars to recover losses... Read more

Free Life Insurance! (sort of)
You can purchase a $100,000 term life insurance policy for almost NOTHING! The discount on your home and auto insurance could be greater than the cost of your life insurance, No Kidding... Read more

Barbecue and Grill Safety Tips

With spring approaching, here are some safety tips to reduce the risk of fire or explosion with gas grills... Read more

Erie Auto Enhancement Endorsement Offered

Erie Insurance offers an auto enhancement endorsement which includes numerous new coverage features, such as... Read more

View Your Driving Record Online

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles announced that they have expanded their online customer services to include a feature that allows drivers to view an unofficial copy of their driving record... Read more