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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our #1 goal!

We've all received inserts about the Privacy Act and how your information is private. We have to believe, as consumers, that our information is being protected.

We can assure you that the information you provide to Ron Smith Insurance Agency is kept confidential and is provided only to the applicable companies as required.

We do not sell your information to other for marketing purposes.

We require all third party requests to provide your signed authorization. If they cannot provide this we will ask you, the consumer, to fax or email us the authorization; we will NOT accept authorization over the phone.

Any non-public information you provide is kept in your file and is confidential. Documents are shredded with public and non-public information.

Information we collect is both public and non-public and would consist of Name, Address, Social Security Number (all drivers), Driving Record, Prior Policy Coverage, Medical Information and may also include your premium payments and claims history.

Without accurate information we are not able to provide the best possible rates and service. If you have any questions relating to your privacy and sercurity please do not hesitate to contact our office.